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1971 Miura SV 'ex-Shah of Iran'

Miura SV #4870 was special ordered by His Imperial Highness Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the most prominent person ever to order a new Lamborghini. #4870's famous first owner is confirmed in the Factory's own current certification letter dated 9th February 2000 which simply states that #4870 was built "for supply to the Shah of Iran."

It is worth noting that the Lamborghini factory rarely ever issues a certification letter confirming the historical provenance of any Miura, therefore 4870 has an unusualy well-established provenance. The celebrated Lamborghini historian Stefano Pasini wrote of 4870 in his 'Lamborghini Revisita' book: "In fact it is practically impossible to find a first owner who can give such importance to a car. Neither the Pope, nor the President of the United States, nor the President of the Soviet Union have ever owned a Miura. Therefore no other P400 can claim to have a more famous. . . owner".

Bleu NotteBianco
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