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Sackey & Co. presents

1986 Ferrari 288 GTO 'ex-Niki Lauda'

Sackey & Co. | Private Sales is proud to report our sale of this ex-Niki Lauda Ferrari 288 GTO.

The Ferrari 288 GTO (2.8L V8 Grand Turismo Omologato) is one of the most iconic supercars and perhaps the most revered Ferrari ever produced. Though built as a homologated racing version of the 308 GTB, it would never see the track (its intended Group B series canceled prematurely) and instead build a legacy upon its harmonious balance of Ferrari power and exotic 1980s design.

Upon introduction at the 54th Geneva International Motor Show in 1984, the 288 GTO became the world’s fastest production car, capable of 395 horsepower and a top speed of 189 mph. Noted advancements from the 308 included a steel tube chassis, fiberglass ‘F1’ honeycomb composite body panels, a kevlar hood and a kevlar/carbon fiber roof, all contributing to over 500 pounds in weight reduction and allowing for improved acceleration and handling. More prominent fender flares, larger front/rear spoilers, and ‘winged’ side mirrors further evoked an increased aggression.

The 288 GTO was the last car that Enzo Ferrari had direct influence on, and “il Commendatore” is known to have offered 288 GTOs to several F1 drivers, including three-time champion Niki Lauda, who was gifted the final of just 272 cars produced. 58339 was specially built for Niki Lauda by express authorization of Enzo Ferrari himself, likely as a reward to Lauda for winning two F1 World Titles for Ferrari.

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