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Sackey & Co. presents

1991 Ferrari F40

Sackey & Co. | Online Supercar Auctions is proud to present this incredibly low-mileage, pristine 1991 Ferrari F40 chassis no. ZFFMN34A4M0089523 with only 1,377 miles from new.

The Ferrari F40 was introduced in 1987 as a celebration of Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. The last Ferrari sanctioned by Enzo himself, the F40 is one of the most driver focused road going Ferraris of all time. Featuring a stripped out carbon-kevlar body and a twin turbocharged V8, the F40 is a poster supercar for an entire generation.

Of the 1,315 F40s known to be built, only 211 of them were USA specification examples with the associated upgrades that Ferrari applied to these unique cars destined for the states. The USA F40 applied the following changes vs. a European example:

* Power output rated “at or above 500 bhp” at 7000 rpm (European cars are rated at 478 bhp at the same rpm)

* Revised shorter gear ratios and final drive ratio for the transmission

* Greatly strengthened bodywork to comply with USA regulations

* 2-piece seats with reclining backs

* Aluminum gas tanks (vs. the European rubber fuel cell units which require replacement every 7 years)

* Various other small changes to conform to USA requirements

89523 was completed by Ferrari in Maranello on June 18th, 1991, and officially delivered on August 6th, 1991. The car spent the next three decades in the United States, showing mileage readings of 389 miles in 1997, 684 miles in 2007, 1,314 miles in 2010 and 1,377 miles in 2022.

The F40 is a true poster car icon for Supercar aficionados, and few examples can claim this combination of incredibly low mileage and stunning condition.

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