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Sackey & Co. presents

1993 Porsche 911 RS America

Sackey & Co. is proud to present this stunning 1993 Porsche 911 RS America finished in factory Guards Red over the RS America-specific black cloth interior, showing just 38,745 miles from new.

The RS America (RS for ‘Rennsport’ or ‘Racing Sport’) was introduced in 1993 to the North American market as a 911 geared towards Porsche purists. Based on the 964 generation of Porsche 911s (the last to carry the original body style), yet stripped of nonessential weight and given significant performance upgrades, Porsche touted the RS America as the vehicle of choice for drivers who valued feedback and feel above all.

Buyer anticipation at the time exceeded Porsche’s projections: greater customer orders than expected pushed production of the planned 1993 exclusive into the 1994 model year, leading to an eventual 701 vehicles built. Upgrades from the standard 964 included a manual steering rack and M030 sport suspension, 17-in C2 Turbo wheels and the iconic fixed whale tail. Only four options were offered: locking limited-slip differential, stereo, A/C, and electric sunroof. Upon release the car was hailed by motoring critics, who especially praised its handling characteristics, as well as its impressive 4.6 second 0-60 time and top speed of 157 mph. Said to capture the spirit of the original 911 performance legend, the ’73 Carrera RS, the RS America is celebrated as an increasingly collectible 911, with unmodified and low-mileage examples exceedingly rare today.

Said Fred Schwab, CEO of Porsche North America, at the car's introduction: “If you like to autocross, this is your car. If you are a time-trialer, you need this car. If driving is for fun, this is your car - the car that the Porsche Club of America built.”

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