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Sackey & Co. presents

2012 Audi R8 GT

We are proud to present this 2012 Audi R8 GT #227, finished in Phantom Black Pearl Effect and with an options list bringing the total cost to an original MSRP of over $225,000.

The GT version of the 1st-generation R8 is without a doubt the most hardcore and special version of the R8 (of any generation, including the 2nd-gen GT…) to be built by the factory.

The GT was released in 2012, limited to 333 individually-numbered worldwide units, and was so much more than just the typical “basic weight savings and added carbon fiber” special edition. So, let’s get into the details…

Audi used thinner sheet metal on the GT and custom built an ultra lightweight magnesium engine frame for this car specifically. Additionally, all the glass is either thinner & lighter than standard R8 glass or replaced with polycarbonate. Even the carpeting was made thinner for weight savings.

The RPM limit of the V10 engine was raised to 8,700 rpm, and a custom intake and exhaust system was fitted. The car was given fully adjustable factory coilovers, steering was tweaked, ECU remapped, functional aero elements added, interior detail changes made, and numerous other items added or deleted from the car.

All these changes were made for a single model year, of which the US only saw 50 Spyders and 90 coupe versions of the GT.

Phantom Black Pearl EffectBlack Alcantara
Chassis No.